Welcome To Our Factory Shop!

As a family business based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK,  we take great pride in manufacturing padded protective covers and bags for a variety of industries in the UK and abroad.

This here is our brand new factory shop which we intend filling with a range of cutting-edge protective products at cut-throat prices.

All items straight from our factory in Leeds to you - no middle men upping the price and taking a piece of the cake.

Same ROQSOLID quality and guarantees, but at prices no other UK manufacturer / importer can easily match without shedding a crocodile tear or two (or a fistful of pound notes)!

And why should you care? Well you shouldn't when you are getting British-made products at roq-bottom prices!

You will NOT find amp and cab covers here - you need to go to our AmplifierCoversOnline.Com store for those.

You will NOT find piano covers for specific makes and models here - you need to go to our PianoCoversOnline.Com store for those.

If you have questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Here is our DefendaGuard digital brochure for you to scroll through. Click on the image to view (opens a new window):

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